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The Chief Financial Officer is responsible for using the financial information to look forward – to create forecasts, financial plans, and develop and implement strategies that will enable growth in the future to achieve goals set out by the CEO or business owner.

Accounting and finance is the language of business. You cannot make sound decisions without it. If you do, you risk making ill-advised decisions that can severely damage your company. Our CFO services help businesses make forward-thinking financial decisions. We use accounting data to help our clients develop budgets, financial projections, and strategic plans to grow their business. Business is more data-driven than ever which means the CFO needs to provide analysis into that data and offer key insights for the CEO.

The CFOs’ primary responsibility is to be able to project the long-term financial picture of the company and help it thrive based on his or her analyses. In essence, they are responsible for both the current financial condition as well as the company’s financial future.

The CFOs role in small business typically focuses on strategic advice and helping the business scale, investor relations, and capital investments at larger companies. Responsibilities include:

Why Having A Chief Financial Officer Is An Essential
Function For A Growing And Successful Company?

If you are unable to access the financial performance of your business, benchmark it to industry standards, or make revenue-producing decisions, you need CFO services. If you do not have a budget, or routinely analyze variances in your budget versus actual performance, you need CFO services. If you need help preparing a financial forecasts to shareholders or lenders to acquire funding, you need CFO services. If you need help making strategic decisions, such as investing into new activities to drive business growth, you need CFO services.

The primary leaders of the finance function are the Controller and CFO, two roles that many companies mistakenly believe to be the same. The controller, is responsible for looking at past financial information, reporting on the company’s performance, and delivering the accurate and timely financial statements to management.


CFOs are financial experts who oversee several key components of a company’s operations. They manage everything from financial statements to reporting and regulations to forward-thinking strategies. CFOs play a key role in an organization by acting as a right hand and sounding board for the CEO to grow the business. Ensure timely collection of revenue to keep a business funded.

Our Services

  • Customized financial Reports

  • Financial, Planning & Analysis

  • Forecasting Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Product Pricing

  • Strategic Advisory
  • Scenario Analysis
  • Include everything in control

Our accounting firm is run and directed by Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) which is the highest level of certification you can attain in accounting. Guaranteeing you are in good hands when it comes to your accounting and financial reporting needs. Don’t trust your books and financial reports with someone who is not certified.
We are trusted by numerous small business owners and the number continues to grow today.
Our team’s experience and efforts extends beyond business’ basic bookkeeping which is just one of many reasons our clients trust our accounting solutions.

Our Process

Meet with your CFO

Initial consultation to access your current business’ financial data

Develop Benchmarks

CFO will develop a budget and benchmarks based on your goals, prior financial performance, and industry conditions.

Performance Review

CFO will assess and report actual financial performance relative to the benchmarks set on an ongoing basis.

Strategy Planning

CFO will help you develop strategic goals and financial plans to help you achieve them.

Monitor & Evaluate Strategy

CFO will provide ongoing support including evaluation of current strategy (revising as needed), monthly meetings, phone assistance, & planning.

Our Clients

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